Background: Nalderun Aboriginal Services launched its PTR fund in April 2020. At that time Nalderun operated under the auspices of Castlemaine Community House (CCH) Inc. In late 2020 Nalderun began the incorporation process and is now Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation (NEAC). NEAC is controlled and led by local Aboriginal Elders.

Following the incorporation of NEAC, it was decided to set up a separate group to administer the PTR funding so that local elders would have a more flexible process to provide community support as they see fit.

Current: In March 2021 The ‘Castlemaine PTR’ Fund was formed by a group of local non-Indigenous people in consultation with local Aboriginal Elders and community members. A panel of local Aboriginal Elders will control and distribute the funds, the administration tasks will be undertaken by a group of other-Australians. All those involved have strong connections to Nalderun.

The funds will provide practical support to the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We acknowledge the process may evolve, and are committed to an on-going process of learning and adapting under the guidance of local Aboriginal Elders.

We acknowledge the early Pay The Rent work (1970-90s’), done by Uncle Robbie Thorpe and the Fitzroy Pay The Rent group in Victoria.

This website is currently under development and more comprehensive information will be provided in the coming months.

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